quinta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2013

Tie, Lick and Bite

Caught by my love;
Embraced by my lust;
Graced by my rope;
Marked by my knots.

Between your thighs,
I found the devil's mark
I licked it, I kissed it, I bit it
And I heard your sigh
Echoing through the night.

I see the mark bleeding.
I feel the mark moisten.
My tong tastes it...
It's soft and hot!

So I licked it
Many other times
Then, I kissed
And I saw your
Trembling body.

I can't resist...
Other bite without care
And so...a shrinkage
Between your thighs.

Smile in your face
Your beatiful skin
Sparkling by pleasure
The smell of lust

And you whispered to me
"Tie me, kiss me
 Lick me, bite me
 Kill me once more..."

* Imagem retirada do Google *
* Espero que o Google Translate não tenha matado o idioma inglês*

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